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Any information uploaded by venue listings is moderated to ensure it is a dog related event, and Dog Friendly NI is not responsible for any aspect of the events/listings provided.  The sole responsibility lies with the event organiser.

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Artist and computer images are for general guidance only. All details, visual impressions and maps are given for illustrative purposes only and are presented in good faith as a guide only.

The use of stock or other sourced materials may be used from time to time.  Details of changes in specification or materials can be obtained from Dog Friendly NI.

While Dog Friendly NI knows each of the venue listings, it cannot guarantee the experience provided at each venue. There are Best Practice guidelines on the website which we request each listing to adhere to.  Upon introduction of the PAW Grading Programme® there will be certain criteria that must be met to retain their level of rating.  This will be accurate at the time of assessment and valid for 1 year.

There may be other Terms and Conditions on areas of the Site which relate to your use of such areas, all of which will, together with these Terms and Conditions, govern your use of the Site.



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