Great response to the map…

Great response to the map…

November 19, 2018 Off By Barking Mad

You could be forgiven for thinking that the era of printed material has long gone in this all digital world we now live in.  Those thoughts did cross our minds when it came to planning the 1st Dog Friendly Map of Northern Ireland, but with experience and research we realised there was an overwhelming need for such a map.

People have said since it was released last week, that they can’t believe it hasn’t been done before, and that its just genius!  To be honest we were creating something that we both needed – selfish I know!  As dog owners, the need to know where we could go with our dogs and families was fast becoming a regular consideration.  Yes of course there is good old ‘google’ to refer to, but lets face it when you’re out in the countryside or on the coast, trying as we might to get a phone signal while starting to engage our brains into thinking of where we are and where is nearby, is challenging.  Fear not the map is here!   Leave a copy in the glove compartment of the car, and bingo – the choices are there for you to peruse depending on which part of NI you are in.  Sure isn’t going for a ‘wee run’ in the car a great Northern Ireland tradition?

For those ‘seasoned’ dog lovers who may note a few local dog friendly hot spots which haven’t been mentioned on the map, venue space was limited and some venues also choose not to advertise that they welcome dogs.   In the past two years, the increase in dog friendly venues has increased significantly so we are truly starting to become a nation of dog lovers.

When you are out and about enjoying these Dog Friendly venues, do tag us in your pictures on social media using the hashtag #DogFriendlyNI and tag us on Facebook @DogFriendlyNI