Dog Poo Campaign- #BagitforBert

Dog Poo Campaign- #BagitforBert

March 3, 2019 Off By Barking Mad

Are you a Dirty dumper, a dark destroyer or a poo pirate?

We all know how frustrating and disgusting it is to come across dog poop on footpaths, parks and beaches.  It’s also embarrassing for responsible dog owners.    Bert the Black Lhasa who hails from Belfast is also fed up.  He’s on a mission to spread the word to all dog owners reminding them to bin their rubbish, and bag their poop.  We’ve all experienced that look from other members of the public – you know the look that says – your dog must have done that so pick it up!  Yes, non-dog walkers stare and mutter just because you have a dog and just so happen to be walking past a dirty big dog poop left by some lazy so and so.

The responsible dog owners among us are fed up. We know who these people are:- the joggers with headphones running while their dog merrily poops in the fields, and football pitches, completely oblivious to their dogs dumping – let’s call these the #Dirtydumpers– creating havoc for sports players and park users . Then there’s the late night dark evening dog walker,  casually strutting the footpaths in the dark, thinking no one can see them walking on past the poop – we will refer to them as #DarkDestroyers – ruining the footpaths for everyone else. Then there’s the beach walkers hoping a big wave will come and wash the poop away – that’s ok, no one will notice – they are the #PooPirates – holding the rest of us to ransom and getting beaches closed off to dogs.

So let’s stand up to these irresponsible dog owners and come together and #BagitforBert.  Let’s show the dog moaners and loathers that dog owners are responsible people.

We would like to see large rubber, poo emoji bins made available – making it fun for everyone to bag and bin their dog poop.  #BagitforBert

Do you know any poop baddies – the Dirty dumpers, the dark destroyers and the poo pirates? Share this post with them and remind them of the £80 fine for not picking up litter and dog poo,  and let’s get behind Bert in his crusade to make our wee country as clean as it can be, for everyone to enjoy.

Pick up your poop, bag it and bin it.